Teacher, Laurie Theis of Folsom High School said:
"Every piece of the program was mentioned by someone- every segment was impactful. The rest of my students are excited about going!"

"The brain injury survivors really got to me, because even though they're injured they still have a positive attitude. It made me cry."

– Krystal Greene

"It made me realize, I would rather save my life, then drink and drive."

– Alecia Melendez

"It really gave me a different perspective on things I take advantage of in everyday life."

–Taylor Robinson

"I realize now, we are definitely not invincible."


"It was life changing; it made us realize that the decisions we make not only affect us, but also affect others around us."

–Nicole and Lauren

"Some things that seem small - can change your life forever"

(Student referring to getting caught with a prescription drug)

"I would never want to put my mom through that kind of pain."