As you can see, the program’s effectiveness is making a difference in teen attitudes regarding risk. We continue to enjoy rave reviews from teachers, volunteers, police and fire departments as a vital and powerful program.

Our trauma speakers remain committed to this program as their way to turn their accidents into an opportunity to educate teens on the unforeseen dangers that exist when they do not think about the consequences of their actions. This program remains an opportunity for them to feel useful. They are passionate about telling teens the mistakes that led to their accidents and how drastically different their lives are now because of the injuries they suffered or caused others. They truly hope the audience will learn from their mistakes or others'.

As PARTY continues to grow, we look forward to adding new partners, expanding into new communities and changing the way our communities look at risk. While educating teens, we also need to encourage parents and community leaders to talk about how an entire community can come together to keep each other safe and reduce the fatalities that risky behaviors cause on our roadways. Please join us in this ongoing endeavor.

As always, we are available to answer any questions you might have as we continue to work together to keep our teens and community safe.



Johanna M. Cunningham

Vicky Fitzgerald
Program Director