Our sponsors

We are extremely grateful for our sponsors' generous contributions making our work possible. With their help, our goal of expanding this amazing program to EVERY high school in our area and beyond is starting to be realized. We know they receive numerous sponsorship requests and value their confidence in our work. By teaching students the deadly and life changing risks of distracted driving, together we are making the roads we share with these teens safer for all of us day and night.

As we continue to get each new program established and make preparations for our golf tournament in September, we remain committed to finding more hospitals and funding partners to start yet more programs. Our expansion goals are lofty: penetrate the Sacramento region and continue throughout California and across the U.S. as our Canadian colleagues have done in their country. Every community needs a P.A.R.T.Y. program to provide a solution to a growing problem and stop the rising teen death toll and life changing accident rates.


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